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Therapy Services

Individual Counseling 

Child (Ages 10-12)

Inspire Counseling offers individual counseling for children ages 10 to 12.  We provide a therapy room dedicated for child therapy.  The room allows children to express themselves in many different ways, as children express themselves through play and creative activities.  Parents/Guardians are an essential part to the counseling process and meet with the counselor for a portion of each session.  

Adolescent (13-17)

We utilize a variety of interactive techniques when working with adolescents.  We allow teens to express themselves creatively and through talk therapy.  Inspire Counseling provides a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.  Parents/Guardians are required to attend the first session with their teen. 


A counselor will individualize therapy for each individual client.  The client plays a vital role in their own therapy.  The counselor empowers individuals to reach their therapeutic goals and gives them tools for facing adversities in their daily life.  

Group Counseling

There are no current groups scheduled at this time.  Please continue to check back or call us with inquiries. 

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